See my ex and I had been partying heavily together for the past six years, and last year it started to take a toll on me.

When I finally got rid of them I realized I didn’t actually need any of them, at all.

I had created this crazy, false narrative of dependency in my whacked-out head.

When I quit popping recreational ADHD meds at 26, I felt tired and puffy, like heavy weights were attached to my limbs and sodium was pumping through my veins.

I was convinced that my body would never produce natural energy again.

Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, let the universe know what you can do!

The beautiful thing about thoughts is you can change them at any time. Change “I can’t flirt without drinking” to “I’m a goddamn amazing flirt when I’m sober.” It’s amazing how your life eventually mirrors your thoughts.

The trouble is, I have no idea how to date without drinking!

I feel like drinking stripped me of my self-esteem and now I don’t know how to flirt or even ask a girl out without it.

I certainly don’t underestimate how wildly uncomfortable transitions like this can feel, either.

When I stopped smoking cigs at age 25, I spent a full year so miserable I figured I was better off dying young, then giving up my beloved Marlboro Lights.

Just like how I eventually worked through my nicotine addiction and figured out that being alive was more fun when you weren’t neurotically obsessing over the next ciggie break, and could actually be present Just like the day I realized I could peel my heavy body out of bed without the shock-in-the-heart electrical zap of prescription speed.