If a vehicle purchaser or lessee sells or returns the rebated vehicle to the dealer, ARB or its designee reserves the right to recoup CVRP funds from the original vehicle purchaser identified on the rebate form and may pursue other remedies available under the law for unauthorized early termination of vehicle ownership.

All rebates issued prior to this date do not count toward the two rebate limit.

Individuals or businesses that have met the rebate limit with non-fuel cell vehicles may apply for one additional rebate for a fuel cell vehicle.

The income cap applies to all eligible vehicle types except fuel-cell electric vehicles.

For more details on the income cap and income verification, visit our page.

These governing documents are updated every six months to accommodate operational process changes and may impact the applicant’s eligibility for the program.

Note that CVRP reserves the right to update the Implementation Manual and the Terms and Conditions outside of the scheduled updates.

Methods must render PHI “unusable, unreadable, or indecipherable” to unauthorized individuals (see HIPAA Security Rule & NIST standards).

PHR (personal health records) vendors include companies like Google and Microsoft.

These are "cloud computing" offerings that allow consumers/patients to track their own health information.