However, the real fireworks display happens when a guy with a curved member uses this position.

The doggy style position is advisable for a guy whose penis is curved upwards because the position allows the curvy part to make full contact with their partner’s G-spot.

It has been very much emphasized here how guys could get conscious about their penis and how it would affect their sex life.

Next to size, guys are also mindful of their penis shape.

In this position, the girl lies on her back with her legs spread, while the guy lies perpendicular to her while straddling one of her legs between his own.

This position is good for a long, slow humping session, as both of you are in a relaxed, comfortable position. In this position, you both sit facing each other and leaning backwards while using your hands to support your bodies.

The girl spreads her legs with her hips over your pelvis, while you thrust using your waist.

The fusion position provides a good view of your member entering her while still giving the anterior wall of her vagina that much-desired attention. Who says that curved penises are useless for oral sex? In fact, curved penises are easier to take in than straight ones.While the normal and often idealized image of a penis is the straight, majestic tower standing proudly on its owner’s crotch, there are also chaps who belong to the other end of the “curve,” packing bananas in their pants.Now, a little bend below the belt is not all that bad.Benefits of a curved penis Women would care less about size, but they will get interested in shape.In addition to its unique appearance, a curved penis has a distinct edge from its straight contemporaries by stimulating hard-to-reach pleasure spots with relative ease.This position allows your partner’s body to naturally adapt to the shape of the penis, thus allowing a full, snug fit.