The best way to do this is by abandoning your respective communities and devoting every possible waking hour entirely to each other and each other only. Yes, even the engagement should be kept as brisk as possible (disciplined couples can probably knock an engagement out in two weeks or so) to guard your mind from wayward thoughts like, “Am I sure this person is the one for me?You can do this gradually, by slowly ghosting on each of your friends in hopes that they won’t notice you’re pulling away, but many couples prefer to just rip the Band-Aid off completely. But remember, every second spent with a platonic person is a moment you could be spending with your new courtship partner.

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ur new age of social media has made it easier than ever to craft a fantastical reality in which the person you’re dating is really the only person you ever need to interact with in any significant way.

Now, it’s easy to think the start of a new relationship might be a time when you’d need solid friendships in which you can talk about how things are going in your love life.

Adding some open shelving gave me some more space to display my vintage glassware but also got it away from a lower shelf in the dining room where little baby hands will soon be able to get to. Those shelves are from Hobby Lobby but this one is a similar look.

We painted the original cabinets white and added really simple new cabinets to compliment the original pieces.

Some mature Christians are capable of making it all the way to their six-month anniversary without ever establishing if they’re actually dating.

As a warning, some well-meaning friends may encourage you to have a “DTR.” This allegedly stands for “define the relationship” but in actuality stands for “death to romance.” Having an honest conversation about your feelings in which you truly communicate your intentions may sound good, but it takes a lot of effort and authenticity. This never-ending roller coaster of celebration can keep the delirious first few months of fairy tale romance alive almost indefinitely and stave off the hard work of learning about each other’s actual day-to-day lives.

I wanted some pretty seating for the counter area and those gold wire stools really pop against the white peninsula.

The wire on the back of the stool can dig into your back a bit when you sit on them but a furry faux sheepskin draped over the chair looks cute and solves that problem all in one!

A friend of mine had that brass faucet and it was so pretty and easy to use (the faucet pulls down into a sprayer) that it made choosing a new faucet super a snap!

Like designing any room I think the little details really make a difference so I tried to find items like that brass paper towel holder to be consistent with the overall feel of the space.

It’s much easier to just communicate through glances and pregnant pauses until your friendship turns into a committed relationship via a sort of slow osmosis. And if your courtship partner ever suggests that maybe the two of you should sit down to actually talk about real life instead of filling it all up with trivial events, it just means you’ve been slacking on filling your schedule with grand gestures.