Note: If using So C and multicore devices, it is always a good idea to manually launch the target configuration and connect to each core individually instead of clicking on the Debug Active Project button .

For details please check item 8 of the next section Determine whether the debug probe is correctly setup in the Host by checking either the Windows System Devices control panel or using Linux command line tools (details here).

The previous page with legacy information is still available at the Debugging JTAG Connectivity Problems legacy page.

a fatal error occurred while updating your device software-64

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This error can either have two variants: near or far from itself, which means the JTAG circuit is broken close to the JTAG debug probe or close to the board.

Technically a cable break is detected by a pin that is grounded when the cable is plugged in.

Check if the target configuration file (.ccxml) is running at a clock speed compatible with the board and device.

The youtube quick tip Experimenting with JTAG clock speed shows a strategy to determine a reliable TCLK speed.

Drag down to Temporary files, tick the box in front of it and choose OK.

5) Or you can check any category that you would like to clean up and repeat the process above.There are usually Safe Mode on the four corners indicating that you are in the safe mode. 3) If you have recently updated any drivers for any devices, please locate the exact device and roll the driver back to its previous version.4) If the cause of this problem could be that of a newly installed or updated program, please go to Programs and Features to uninstall it from your computer.If you are not sure what could be the problematic driver or program that cause this problem, it is suggested that you use the second method.This process will help you restore your system to a previous version which is still workable. 2) Then press Windows key and R at the same time to invoke a Run command. 3) Choose to roll back to the time when your computer still functioned well. 4) Wait for a while for your computer to finish the job for you. 4) This process could take a while, please be patient.1) Type cmd on the search box, then right click on the Command Prompt option and choose Run as administrator. 5) System File Checker will help you fix the problem that could cause this error.