Over the years the coin-operated success of CHEXX and SUPER CHEXX has spawned imitation dome hockey games engineered and built overseas with cheap materials and less reliable parts, marketed to the home market at discount prices. Live action game sound, electronic scoring and made in the USA quality at the ICE factory near Buffalo, NY make SUPER CHEXX the only bubble hockey, dome hockey, rod hockey or table hockey choice for rinks, sports bars and arcades across the world.Now with ICE Factory Direct pricing and a Deluxe Home edition, this all-time arcade classic is priced right for your home or business.

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Now with ICE Factory Direct pricing, it is also the clear choice for your home game room or business break room.

Compare made in the USA Super Chexx bubble hockey to knock-off dome or rod hockey games from Stiga, Carrom, Shelti, Performance Games, Holland Bar Stool or Halex and you will see and feel the difference.

If you only have room for one game table at your home or business, make it a Super Chexx!

Chexx domes are made from highly durable Lexan™ to withstand any abuse you can dole out without cracking.

We don’t use cheap MDF particle board that won’t last in this type of game and is difficult to repair once it deteriorates inside your cabinet. ICE can remove the coin door and now offer the same great game set to Free Play for home use.

The control panel is located on the back of the base, so you don’t have to worry about keys to open a coin door to Thirty years ago, a group of local table hockey fanatics created the original coin-operated bubble hockey game after Team USA brought home the gold at Lake Placid. It all started a couple years after Team USA brought home the Olympic Hockey Gold Medal in the Miracle on Ice® at Lake Placid.

No other dome hockey brand offers the look and feel of a custom built Super Chexx. staff designs, builds, boxes, ships and supports every Super Chexx game sold since 1983. Some knock-off dome hockey brands claim to be arcade quality, but have you ever seen one in an arcade or bar with a coin-door?