The CCD assists counselors, students and parents in schedule planning, provides course specific information including course level and length, and lists appropriate educator certification levels for courses.

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Aggregating student assignments for course data; 3.

Identifying courses which may be used to fulfill graduation and program completion requirements; and 4.

Upon completion of the revisions, the document will be fully accessible on-line with expanded searching and reporting functionality available at

CPALMS (Collaborate Plan Align Learn Motivate Share) serves as Florida's official source for standards information and course descriptions.

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It is an online toolbox of information, resources and interactive tools for Florida educators to support instruction aligned to the Florida Standards.

User access to the CCD will not be impacted in the transition to a new web-based format.

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Failures are not necessarily problems as they might be caused by missing functionality, but you should look carefully at any reported discrepancies.

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