There are many specifically sexually-oriented chats that include adult participants, including sadomasochistic chats, bondage chats, etc., i.e., chat rooms that teens should not enter.Filtering software can limit your teen’s access to unsafe websites, but needs to be used in conjunction with parental guidance.

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According to Pew Internet & American Life Project, 54% of families with Internet connections use some kind of filtering or monitoring software.

Because mobile phones can also connect to chat rooms, controlling computer access may not be sufficient.

Conversational entries are made by typing into a text message box, which becomes visible to the others almost at once.

People who enter a chat and listen/read without responding are called lurkers and the practice is called lurking.

This includes their real name, address, phone number, and other identifying information.

Nor should teens plan to meet people in real life who were first encountered in a chat. This means that some people will test the limits of behavior, and engage in simple rudeness, may disrupt the chat by repeated posting of interfering messages, or by more problematic behavior, such as harassment, bullying, or grooming. Teens should be wary of meeting others in private chat rooms.

A chat room is an online area in which people chat in real time.

They are often set up according to some common interest.

Special chat times with a Community Moderator and invited guests!