Better yet, if your clan wins competitions regularly, you can earn lots of free gold or gems as well.

So be sure to check your quests regularly and make sure you aren't missing anything.

One of the best part of School of Dragons is the fact that it really is played as a true RPG. You can communicate with all players, people in your friends list, or only people in your clan.

Cheat Codes now can be actual codes typed in to unlock a feature of the game or hint like a location of a hidden item players want to find.

Can be a strategy to perform a function in the game as well.

Much better than having to find a lake to fish in or travel back to your farm.

It takes several levels before your dragon is old enough for you to actual ride them and start really leveling them up.Sometimes that makes it easy to completely forget about a quest.In some situations, you can't progress without completing them.School of Dragons is based off the popular How to Train your Dragon movie series.In the game, you'll prepare to be the ultimate dragon trainer with the help of Hiccup and his winged companion, Toothless.On occasion you'll either catch them for free or on sale.