You get double the hate from the straight and gay community.

For example; I can experience all the homophobia and sexualisation from straight people (particularly men) yet at the same time you do not have the support of the gay and lesbian community because they mistrust you – bisexual men are discredited as closet gays and bisexual women, like me, are described as straight girls trying out the latest queer fashion.

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I hate to say it and apologies to all the romantics out there, but suggesting people need to spend decades of their life with the same person and no one else is just not possible.

Monogamy and the nuclear family is a bullshit construction built on capitalism because it is the most economically efficient in a neoliberalism society – the man works and the woman takes care of the kids for free; if a third person were involved it would mess up the precious social order.

I didn’t have that whole ‘coming out’ thing that gay and lesbian people go through.

I just started dating and having sex with women as well as men and most people I know didn’t think much of it perhaps because a lot of my friends are LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer).

I think going to university and being surrounded by queer people and politics allowed me to realise my feelings for more than one gender were legitimate and not just a fetish/phase.

Because before this I was always with heterosexual people in a heteronormative environment where there were gay people and straight people and nothing in between – so I didn’t realise that I could be in between. I love being bisexual because you truly do get the best of both worlds and a wider pool of lovers!However, open relationships and polygamy are not for everyone.Firstly you have to possess a lot of self-confidence and self worth and a relationship built on trust to be able to make it work.I think they’re expecting me to “end up” with a man and would be pretty shocked if I did spend most of my life with a woman despite me warning them that this may be a possibility.I think they will fully accept it one day though if I keep on shoving enough bisexual propaganda down their throats.It’s definitely not something I’d tell my extended family like my grandparents – they’re so old and frail now there’s no point giving them a heart attack.