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She represents the division at John Tyler Community College for PEER (Partnership to Ensure Educational Reform) and other regional career and technical forums.

In addition, she supervises the Carl Perkins Grant, the Alternative and GED/Adult Basic Education programs. Mary Jo Beville serves as the Executive Secretary for Secondary and Career/Technical Education. Woolfolk and the programs under the secondary umbrella.

For donor markers, the center will feature a prominent wall display in the main foyer and each leaf will be inscribed with the donor name.

Different colors of the metallic leaves will be used to demarcate the level of gift being recognized.

Our Park Services division takes care of the Dinwiddie County Sports Complex and its turf management program.

The division also oversees keeping the Eastside Community Enhancement Center a top notch facility as well.

We offer many different girls and boys sports leagues, camps and tournaments, while providing top notch uniforms, and playing facilities.

With the Dinwiddie County Sports Complex opening in the early summer of 2011, our young athletes play and compete on some of the best facilities in the state of Virginia, which has afforded us the option of opening even more diversified opportunities to our young athletes.

The tree can grow over time to acknowledge new donors. The Dinwiddie County Parks and Recreation Department has set goals to provide high quality, enjoyable, accessible, and safe leisure opportunities which will enhance the quality of life for the residents of Dinwiddie County and the surrounding communities.