A whole range of resources are available to family members online.You can find everything from social support and discussion boards, to detailed health information on websites specifically designed for caregivers.Caregivers can also send pictures of loved ones or daily updates through email and text messages.

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Depending on what your needs are, you can monitor medication administration, senior nutrition and even send group voice messages and to-do lists.

Check the online tools in #8 above, as well as Care Zone and the Android app Med Minder.

Of course, there’s always face-to-face contact, snail mail and written notes too.

Whether you prefer modern technology or old-fashioned pen and paper, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help families stay in contact and monitor ongoing caregiving needs.

With email, you can easily contact a group of family members to coordinate caregiving, and if you have a camera in your phone or a scanner, you can scan or snap photos of important documents to share via e-mail.

Or, if you need to update someone right away, you can use that same phone to send a picture message or text.

For information and support, you can visit caregiver resources, such as Family Caregiver Alliance and The Alzheimer’s Association.

also offers helpful articles and tips, as well as, an online caregiving community.

As many as 15% of caregivers must travel an hour or more when caring for an aging parent with dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association’s latest Facts and Figures report.