All an adult predator needs to do is create a profile on Facebook or My Space, use a picture of a teen (boy or girl) and start chatting or friending other teens.

It is exactly how predators gain trust of the teens online.

Exploring these new emerging questions about life is how teens bond, get closer and develop trust.

July 8, 2011 Online predators and traffickers are infiltrating the internet.

From social networking sites to chat rooms, online forums and other communication venues, these predators are using the vulnerability of young people to manipulate them in different ways.

Predators understand this "shared crisis" approach all too well, and use it against unsuspecting young teens online.

Unfortunately, in today's world it is not possible to fully trust someone you have never met in person, and there will always be the strong desire to meet someone with whom you have become "close." The desire to meet is the ultimate goal predators are banking on to abduct victims.

The teen years tend to be filled with very strong ups and downs, going from crisis to crisis.

A common type of crisis predators use is the "ups-and-downs-of-relationships-between-teens-and-parents." Predators see tremendous opportunities to bond with a teen over how they both "hate their parents." Some predators even know how to do a search within websites to find certain phrases that identify easy targets.

This instant closeness and trust can happen by doing something as simple as going to an extremely scary movie together.