I went Mardi started from the begging tell about yourself, I brief her about my experience suddenly she interrupt me and said we not offering 45k can offer 40k … I ask them back if this you range pls mention in your add it help people to decide need apply or not.. I really dout the ability of five guys management team. Both of them are same race and they expecting same…. New sales associates are rude, arrogant and could care less about helping customers. I am cashing in my rewards and will be shopping at Macys and ulta for my cosmetics in the future.

She replied we are sorry for that we just calculated 40 to 42 is our budget…. As area manger you need to fix the salary range before giving add. so don’t wast your time applying for this company in Calgary, Canada. Good luck Reply I had been a loyal sephora VIP rouge member for many years. Reply I have had a JC Penny credit card since 2005.

After inquiring, my card had been cancelled due to the passing of my husband fairly recently and he was the primary. Recently I have attend interview in five guys for Gm position.

I WAS NEVER SENT A NOTICE THAT THE CARD WAS CANCELLED EVEN THO I HAVE A CREDIT CARD WITH MY NAME ON IT!! Do you know how embarrassing it would have been had I gone to the store to use my card. I saw the add in Kijiji, the add dint mention any salary range.

I can’t believe I am being discriminated against because I don’t consistently make “High Cost” purchases on my JC Penny credit card!

No explanation made sense why my past acceptable credit was now unacceptable. My fiancé bought my $800 rose gold engagement ring April 2017, I had to return it May 2017 because a diamond fell out, I got my ring back June 2017, a couple weeks later I had to send it back AGAIN because the same diamond fell out!

I asked why when I have been a good customer and always paid my bill when it came.

I was told that since I was not in the habit of making “High Cost” purchases, my limit was automatically reduced. The catalog portion of the business was not profitable until 1971. In 1993, JCPenney became the largest catalog retailer in the US. Today, the company operates over 1100 department stores in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Tagged as: jcpenney corporate address, jcpenney corporate headquarters, jcpenney corporate office, jcpenney corporate office address, jcpenney corporate office email, jcpenney corporate office fax, jcpenney corporate office phone number, jcpenney customer complaints, jcpenney headquarters, jcpenney main office, jcpenny customer complaint desk I will never shop at your on-line store or stores again.I asked to speak to a supervisor and the call CONVEINTLY dropped.I called and explained to a very patronizing young lady who reaffirmed that my order would be delivered on the 17th and that it takes 2 business days to process the order.In short I feel as if I was taken advantage of by selecting the Express delivery if I had wanted delivery on the 17th I would have choose and paid for it.Attempted to call back again on to be told the wail would be 29 minutes hung up and filed a complaint with paypal and also will file a complaint with the BBB. Reply I ordered on (Friday) between 10 AM and 11AM there was no offer for delivery to store and it didn’t make sense that the standard delivery was slated for so I choose and paid for Express Delivery .95 for Monday .