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WALLER STREET City Minutes 1903-04 p194 Approval for 9 houses WALL FIELD, Currock City Minutes 1932-33 p 692 Purchase of the Wall Field Blackwell Rd for houses WALLIS, Catherine City Minutes 1926-7 p633 Licensed to operate bus service to Wetheral WALLIS, J. Bus services; started to Wetheral ; finished July 1929 D.

Perriam Carlisle Remembered p62 City Minutes 1923-4 p588 Licensed to operate bus service Carlisle-Wetheral CN p6 WALLS Built between 1122 - 1200 with later extensive repairing and refacing, the latest work on the West Walls being 1988-89.

No houses are marked on Hangmans Close or Battle Holm The name Battle Holm is apparently meant to indicate battle in a judicial sense A published map of 1815 of Carlisle shows an unnamed road extending from the southern end of the new Eden bridges, built 1812 1815, connecting to Finkle Street and so through Annetwell Street, Caldewgate and all points west.

Woods 1821 Map of Carlisle shows this road and names it the New Road.

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Fielding shows north walls in partial state of demolition February 1815 Scotch Gate taken down [CWAAS 1976, vol 76 p192] CN p4 Along line of the old city walls (East Walls) CN p4 City walls destroyed after long service CN p10 Ups and downs of citys defence CN p12 The walls came tumbling down WATLER WALL CARPETS CN p 17 Opens in Charlotte St WALTON, Jim CN pp14-15 New identity for a long running motoring success WALTON, Joseph Bootmaker, employing 4 men and 2 boys, aged 41, home address Church Street, Caldewgate, born Carlisle [1861 census] WALTONS NURSERY Bellgarth Nursery, the Market see also Bellgarth Nursery 1918 Electoral Register William, Robert and Jessie Walton Photo of staff in 1940s Cumbria Gardens Trust Occasional Papers Vol 2 p50 CD 1952 Ad p345 Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p263 CD 1955-56 Ad p244 CD 1955-56 Ad p267 CD 1961-62 Ad p289 CD 1966-68 Ad p288 CJ p9 (illus) CN p12 Portrait of Gibson Walton WANNOP, A. Castle Street Dressmaking showrooms CD 1902-03 Ad p231 CD 1905-06 Ad p88 CD 1907-08 Ad p118 CD 1910-11 Ad p148 CD 1913-14 Ad p150 CD 1920 Ad p6 CD 1924 Ad p212 WANNOP, William Greenmarket Memories of Carlisle, chapter 7 photo with shop in background WANSFELL AVENUE CN p17 Street wins for sheer quality street WAPPING Area around St Stephens Church ENS pp8-9 Lost world of Wapping.

Thirty years ago there were two hundred families in its dozen streets supporting a thriving church, a Methodist Mission, shops, a school and a champio silver band WAR CRIMINALS CN p6 Waffen SS soldier has lived in Carlisle most of life WARD AIR COMMUNICATIONS Kingstown CN p8 Ad WARDROPE, Walter 1851 census has this master stone mason, aged 40, living at No 1 Solway Street, employing 3 to 4 men, born Longtown WARDS City Council Minutes 1883-84 Report on rearrangement of Wards City of Carlisle Yearbook 1930 p69 size of electorate by ward CWAAS3rd series Vol 5, 2005, p 219 Map showing ward boundaries 1912-1946 WARDS BUILDINGS; Junction Street; on 1861 census WAR MEMORIAL City Centre War Memorial dedicated in 1990 by Duke of Gloucester See also CENOTAPH City Minutes 1918-19 p141 Report on public meeting on City Minutes 1918-19 p 596 To cooperate with scheme for purchase of Rickerby Pk CN p15 CN p1 City war tribute plan - at last CN p5 Memorial plan drops tradition CN p1 War memorial plan under fire CN p12 Think again CN p9 War memorial takes new flak CN p3 Old soldiers get ready to fight insult CN p4 City war memorial CN p6 Letters CN p11 Peaceful end to row over war tribute CN p25 Compromise on city war memorial CN p29 Appeal plan for war memorial CN p15 Backing memorial plan CN p21 Memorial cross bid thrown out CN p1 City call for a royal salute Images of Carlisle Cumberland News p115 photo of dedication in 1990 CN p1 (illus) Duke dedicates war memorial WARREN AND WOOD LTD Kingstown Trading Estate Poultry specialists Cumberland Directory 1954 Ad p271 CD 1955-56 Ad p277 CD 1961-62 Ad p294 WAR VETERANS CN p6 Old soldiers to parade through centre WARWICK AND CO Lowther Street Photographer CD 1902-03 Ad p20 WARWICK, J 46 Sheffield Street Photographer CD 1893-94 Ad p168 Carte de visite with this address noted.

An area around here is still called Hangmans Close on the 1821 map.

The 1844 Directory map still calls it The New Road and there are no buildings shown on it except at the elbow with Rickergate.

46 Sheffield Street was also the address of the photographer H. Another carte de visite has the address 82b Lowther Street, opposite Post Office, removed from Sheffield Street 1884 Carlisle Directory 46 Sheffield Street CD 1893-94 Photographer 46 Sheffield St WARWICK, John Family of Masons, the father dying ; [Monumental Inscription St Cuthberts Yard] WARWICK ROAD Street laid out as a turnpike road to Brampton 1829-30; town end at first called Henry Street; opposite Catholic Church originally called Cavendish Place B/CAR 333.33 Sale of 58,251,253,255 on CJ p2f Relief of poor; proposed new road Lowther St / Botcherby Bridge CJ p2f New road English St / Botcherby Bridge; 300 subscribed June 1846 Jane Greene of Cavendish Place died [Christ Church Memorials no 29] CP p1c Modern built dwelling for sale CP p1 Ad; No 7 Cavendish Place to let CP p1 Ad; 12,14,16 Brunton Place for sale; recently erected Council minutes 18/607 Recommend whole street named Warwick Rd Council Minutes 1902-03 p495 Resolved to renumber Warwick Road CJ Deeds of Cavendish House, no 83, dated 1832 for T.