Click the button and an image browsing window will popup. A too big picture which exceeds the file transfer limit predefined by Admin will get an error notice: "This picture is too large in filesize to be transferred, the file transfer limit is ***.

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Chat users can add linking to their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google account, so to update their status on the social networks with their activities in chat! File size: 2.7KB Remember: before you install this mod, please download 123 Flash Chat Server software from /Installation Level: Intermediate Installation Time: ~5 Minutes XOOPS is an open source tool for developing small to large interactive dynamic community websites, company portals, intranets, weblogs, and much more.

Once installed on a host server, webmasters are able to administer the content through their web browser online after logging into to their Xoops administration.

Then you are free to change whatever you want: colors, languages, graphical aspects, add more features since you have the FULL documented code source included ready to be used for your website: Video/Audio chat finally unleashed for your own website !

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Formats allowed: JPG (JPEG), PNG, BMP, GIF (but only the first frame of an animation). Furthermore, the Image Transfer Module is recommended to be used in conjunction with the Moderated-Chat Module so that the Admin and the Moderators can filter nude pictures and keep things under control.

The "image transfer" button is above the chat input area, click the "Advanced Messages" button.Admin can define the maximum file size for the image to be transferred, in xml configuration file.By default it's 1MB and you're recommended to restrict it to less than 1MB if the bandwidth consumption is your major concern, or if your server is not very powerful, or your server has limited space to store the pictures.We use only ECC Registered memory to prevent from any hardware faults and to guarantee stable hardware.Try out our Red5 Video chat : a full FLASH video chat with audio and video support made using Open Source RED5 technology and Flash : You do no need to purchase expensive solution such as Flash Media Server.We offer only pure server platform systems based on the Xeon processor.