Students are required to follow the school calendar, which includes a minimum of 180 school days.Attendance only occurs on “school days” as listed on the school calendar.Students can enroll up to the age of 20 and can finish the school year after turning 21.

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Agora staff also contacts the school to assist in gathering required documents to help complete the enrollment process.

Once your student(s) is approved at Agora, you can withdraw the day prior to the first day of school.

As an online public school, Agora Cyber Charter School is required to monitor student attendance in accordance with all applicable statutes and State Board of Education Rules.

Agora teachers and administrators monitor student attendance daily.

The Charter School Law requires a charter school student’s school district of residence to allow the student to participate in the school district’s extracurricular activities if the student is able to fulfill the requirements of participation and the charter school does not provide the same extracurricular activity. We are a public school in Pennsylvania, so students can earn an accredited diploma according to Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements based upon successful completion and mastery of course content.

We host graduation ceremonies and activities at the end of the 12th grade.Once the initial enrollment process has begun, the parent/guardian will need to notify the local school.The parent/guardian should notify within 15 days of enrolling with Agora.If a student skips a day during the week, he or she will be marked absent.Vacation is not an approved reason for absence in the state of Pennsylvania.Local Agora families also organize activities on their own to gather together in their area on a regular basis.