Moderator Alexandra Chando plays both Sutton and Emma. Does it ever get weird when you have to act differently with the different characters? Zoe shared an Instagram photo of herself performing with her band Lolawolf, and wrote, “#LOLAWOLF • #yslbeauty • thank you for the lovely evening !

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So I guess that’s fortunate for me, and a good fit, because that’s the character I was cast to play. That’s a title you can’t really give yourself, describing yourself. He’s quick to throw a punch if he feels you’ve wronged someone close to him, whether or not that’s too hasty, that’s probably similar to myself as well. But it is kind of a shock because just her mannerisms, things she does with her eyes, the two girls have different smiles.

Moderator I guess would you say that you’re a bad boy like Ethan in real life then? But no, I would just say that the qualities I have in common with Ethan is I think we both like some extreme sports. I have more in common with him than the others I supposed.

Moderator It seems like Ethan’s kind of a mess when the show returns. There are only so many minutes in an episode and so many story lines. We’re just running around in our trailers playing pranks, eating food, obviously.

How would you describe Ethan’s relationship with Sutton this season as compared to Emma? Redford I think the season opens up and Ethan’s in a little bit of a darker, more depressed place given how the last season ended. And then if I could pick one from the previous season, I would say I think it was 17. It was the ones where we got to shoot out on this really beautiful farm. So nothing real juicy has popped up yet for us to have any work together, but we talked about it before. Liz is a wife and mother of three from the Nashville area who likes being able to discuss her favorite TV shows with adults sometimes.

Also there is no season 2 of the television series ordered yet so their romance seems to be strong and lasting in real life because they attend all the events together and they look great when posing in the pictures.

star rallied her fans in raising awareness and money to fund a primary school in Thailand.

It looks like Blair Redford girlfriend is also his co-star and they both have roles in The Lying Game.

It looks like they have interesting roles in this television series, because in the first season they both seemed in love and their role was as lovers and this might have gone in a serious way not only in the television series but also in real life and they both look great together and happy.

I think it’ll be really fun to see him way out of that situation. I think they hope to get along but really they love the turmoil that happens between the two sisters. Something that comes to mind is I think at least on two occasions I’ve had a couple fans—obviously they’re talented artists and they’ve drawn a portrait. I think one found a still shot of me from a film that I did and they did a really nice drawing of me. Moderator I just wanted to say for the record there are a few of us who think that Ethan should just forget about the twins and hook up with Mads. Moderator Out of everything you’ve done, what is your favorite type of role to play? So I guess I have a little bit of a niche in the bad boy brooding market. I do a lot of it in my off time and I think it’d be fun. Moderator Could give us a little bit of insight into what it’s like to be on set?

I think that’s really cool and nice of someone to take the time to do that. I do think the boy needs to examine his priorities with the twins, but where it goes from there is up to the writers I suppose. You kind of go on your — you get hired where you get hired.

It looks like even though the relationship of them in the television series are really intense and complicated this did not get in the way for them to make something real outside the screen.