Because there are only 3 adult online dating sites that aren’t complete scams.

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If you follow our strategies for meeting women, you’re guaranteed to at least get a date. We found 3 sites that we were able to successfully set up dates.

They are, as follows: What’s with our love affair for these sites?

The process we used for rating these sites is listed below.

After we researched each site, we did some adult dating comparisons.

Lo and behold, you look around a little on sites like these, message a handful of the, shall we say, plainer ladies, and boom. Seems like the girls are hotter on that site than any other I’ve tried. I’ve been a member for six months and I gotta say I’m a little exhausted from all the late nights. It’s nice to have all the hookup sites compared side-by-side. I started with the free profile as I had my doubts, but the connections I’ve made have been both plentiful and, dare I say, amazing.

The guys and gals (I do both;) I’ve met have been easy on the eyes, and generally fun to roll in the hay with.

You should expect similar results if you effectively use these 3 sites.

And you should also expect similar results if you go against our advice and sign-up for the 11 sites we were forced to give negative reviews for.

The only difference between each email was we left room to personalize each message (very important).