Hello, I've got Amazon FBA all set and working.

But, is there a way to automatically have the customer receive a tracking number?

I've tried both manually filling orders and automatic.

Amazon continues to upgrade its sleeper-hit Echo speaker with new features.

This week's batch included an interesting, if obvious addition: You can now ask Alexa (the Echo's voice-activated assistant) to track your Amazon shipments.

As Amazon explains in this week's email to Echo owners: Alexa, where's my stuff? No need to grab your phone or computer--Alexa can tell you when your next package will arrive.

Alexa will also tell you when the order was placed and add a link to more details in your Alexa App. " In a brief test, despite no recent Amazon orders, Alexa relayed when my next shipment — a monthly subscribe and save collection — was expected to arrive in early June.

If I hadn’t been around to receive the package, there’s no way I would have known that the delivery was handled by Amazon.

It’s an interesting move for the company, especially since it even contracts with an outside service for same-day delivery in San Francisco.

It’s a far cry from having to rely on shipping companies that face delays during peak shopping seasons.