Es autora de quince colecciones de poesía, entre ellas Asistir al tiempo (1975) y La Piedra que labra otra piedra (1999).

Escribió también ensayos, cuentos, y una novela titulada El jardín de Nora (1998).

He is also the author of four books of poetry, including Yerubia, La colina que da al mar azul (The Hill by the Blue Sea), El árbol de la tribu (The Tribe’s Tree) y Frondas nocturnas (Nocturnal Fronds).

The ingredients that make for incredibly attractive men and women in these other countries aren’t there in Bolivia (e.g.

diverse mix of people with European, African, and native ancestry).

(response rate = people who will respond back to you to whom you sent an introduction message).

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It is not great because the selection is so limited.

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Bolivians do not have a reputation for being stunners in the looks department.

You might find some beautiful men and women here and there, but, overall, Bolivians can’t compare to Colombians, Brazilians, or even Argentinians.

Es autor de siete novelas, entre ellas Tirinea, En el país del silencio, De la ventana el parque, y Un verano con Marina Sangabriel. Jesús Urzagasti was born in Campo Pajoso, in the Bolivian southern province of Gran Chaco, in 1941.