When we spoke with Jason Webley of Livin Sport (Clifton), he said his meetings had gone well.

“The investors are open and willing to help with information and guidance on how to get money.” He said he had been able to obtain meetings with the people he had wanted to connect with. But at the last meeting the investor seemed interested in the concept and asked a lot of questions.

Alex Romero of Hagtap (Jersey City) told us you have to treat these meetings like a first date.

They had been given the investor list ahead of time and were told to hone their pitches.

interviewed a number of the participants at this event.

Dennis Harabin of Spudder (Somerville) noted that the event was all about getting the right investor as much as about having the right pitch. Probably we’ll follow up with a meeting,” Pineda reported.

Once he was face-to-face with his target investor, the meeting went very well. Creative Snap (Paramus) founder Guy Pineda talked to us about his online platform, launching later in 2014, which he says will help creative directors manage projects during their complete lifecycles. Fabricating.com’s Frank Russo said his Hoboken company connects manufacturers who need custom-made parts with customers who need those parts in an online marketplace.

Almost everyone was enthusiastic about the opportunities it had presented.

Startups that had secured meetings with their target investors were very happy to have gotten those relationships going.

You don’t want to come knocking on the door later without laying a foundation.

Start building relationships now, and once you do get traction and are ready to scale, you will have relationships and you can reach out to them.” Glenn Jones of Message Petz (Red Bank) told us his meeting with investors was “excellent. 1 choice, who is also a father, and he understood our mission. It turns out that we live in the same town.” The founder of mentor-matching platform Idirus, Niamh Bushnell, said the investors had provided her Jersey City startup great feedback.

I was there to get a glimpse of future deal flow, and at the same time I took the opportunity to provide some feedback to make the companies more viable for investors.

The entrepreneurs seemed open to suggestions.” John Frankel of ff Venture Capital (NY and Hoboken) added, “Attending Hatch NJ only strengthened ff Venture Capital's conviction that New Jersey is becoming a thriving base for passionate entrepreneurs and innovative startups.

It was a collaboration between NJ Tech Meetup and The Hatchery (New York), a venture collaboration forum.