The same storm caused the atmosphere to inflate and dragged the LDEF satellite to a lower orbit earlier than expected. in 1989, when a fierce CME [coronal mass ejection] struck the Earth, it blew out Hydro Quebec's power grid, leaving almost seven million people without electricity, and a multimillion-dollar damage bill." [N. A federal judge has ordered the company to pay an additional billion in punitive damages and interest." [A.

P., 03/25/04]1989 - 1st Free Elections / Soviet Union - March 26th, 1989: "The first free elections took place in the Soviet Union.

The three convictions were later [1991] overturned on appeal."- May 8th, 1989: "Yugoslavia was made up of six republics.

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The treaty sought to cut in half production of chemicals posing the greatest risk to ozone."1989 - Test Flight / U. Stealth Bomber - July 17th, 1989: "The controversial B-2 Stealth bomber underwent its first test flight at Edwards Air Force Base in California, two days after a technical problem forced a postponement."1989 - Astronomic Configuration Trivia: July 23rd, 1989: "Sun [0 Leo], Moon [26 Pisces], Mercury [5 Leo], Venus [28 Leo], Mars [22 Leo], Jupiter [28 Gemini], Saturn [9 Capricorn R.], Uranus [2 Capricorn R], Neptune [10 Capricorn R], Pluto [12 Scorpio D]."In Lebanon, the pro-Iranian group Organization for the Oppressed on Earth threatened to kill an American hostage, Marine Lt. A recent historic example arose in 1989, when Saturn and Neptune conjuncting in Capricorn were opposed by Jupiter [beginning in August] and Chiron conjuncting in Cancer. They have a climactic quality of breakthrough or starting-over, of catharsis and rapid advance.

1989 - Voyager 2 / Neptune - August 21st, 1989: "The U. space probe Voyager 2 fired its thrusters to bring it closer to Neptune's mysterious moon Triton.

Boris Yeltsin was elected [to Congress of People's Deputies]. my [Gregory Hodowanec] 'contacts' with Mars continue with much information being exchanged.

Voters in the Soviet Union filled 1,500 of more than 2,000 seats in the new Congress of People's Deputies, beginning embarrassing defeats for the Communist Party.""In a letter written in March, 1989 to Robert Nelson, Hodowanec [Greg Hodowanec] states that 'Generally, our contacts are limited to 20-30 minutes ... However, due to the increasingly astounding nature of these exchanges, I am now limiting further releases to only two long-time observers (witnesses) of my research efforts.

Strombolian activity began again in January 1990 and has continued intermittently since then.

This latest episode of activity, although smaller in terms of area impacted by tephra, is similar to the activity during July-August 1991, which again destroyed part of the cone and damaged towns W of the volcano. - March 13th, 1989: "On March 13, 1989, at am, a transformer failure on one of the main power transmission lines in the Hydro Quebec system precipitated a catastrophic collapse of the entire power grid.

A stellium represents a 1989 - First Black Governor / U. [....] Berners-Lee is originally from Britain and was knighted last December.

He has mostly avoided both the fame and the fortune won by many of his Internet colleagues.

Despite his prize he remained modest about his achievements.

[....] Berners-Lee first proposed the Web in 1989 while developing ways to control computers remotely at CERN, the European nuclear research lab near Geneva.

Gorbachev met with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, formally ending a 30-year rift between the two Communist powers."Thousands of native Chinese marched in Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo and scores of other cities in a worldwide show of support for the pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing.