Dear LTT-ers, It’s no secret that I love me some Jackson and Ashley, in fact I think they feel the love around here a lot and Jackson is definitely a hot topic over on the forum.

Maybe it’s the fact we’re BFF’s, or maybe it’s the fact they play Jasper and Alice, or maybe it’s just cause they’re so darn cute and REAL.

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So now the Cullens, along with Bella and Renesmee, must fight to prove that they are innocent to they vampire community and also fight for their lives, while putting and end to Irinas evil ways.

They Team up with other vampire clans, as well as with the Wolf Pack to put an end to the madness.

I was talking to UC this afternoon while sifting through pictures for something we’re working on and of course we ended up on the Vanity Fair pics where Jackson and Ashley are sittin’ uh… Sadly, he emailed back and asked: “Who the ef is that?!

pretty and we got to talking about them and I confided in UC about my deep deep love for them. And so she wanted to know what us Jackson/Ashley devotees called them… ” Funny thing though, I checked back a day later and he had already started a Jashley catagory on the Awful Truth, complete with videos from LTT! So convinced was I of this coupling I started scouring old Jackson and Ashley interviews till I found this gem, in an interview with the Australian Herald Sun, which is I’m sure Australia’s MOST respected news outlet, Ashley said: “He and I both don’t have time to date, but we do have amazing chemistry,” she says.

But whatever the reason is I’m starting the Jashley movement here at LTT. And by Then I told her I also have pictures of Jackson near a plane with some flight attendants and obviously it’s from when Jackson secretly came to LA for 3 hours to visit Ashley last weekend.

I know it’s no uncommon desire that folks want to see them together but I’m gonna take it to the next level. I sent it to all major news outlets and no one cared. telling him I had the scoop on Jashley and he should forget that whole Robsten thing.

He says “He’s a tool”) So me catching “stuff guys say about Twilight” hasn’t been happening as naturally as it once did.

However, it’s been my lucky week because I’ve just captured 3 gems: 1.

Not that she didn’t already know but it needs to be said: I feel for Jackson and Ashley how the Robsten folks feel for Rob and Kristen. “We both have such big crushes on each other and it clearly shows. Even my mum has a crush on him and tells me, ‘You should date him’.

We got along instantly and the day we met, he was teaching me how to swing dance. So, who knows, maybe when we both stop running around the world.” And even thought this quote is from back in April, if it helps my case obviously it’s true right? Themoonisdown Don’t miss ol Robbie Roo and UC’s letter to him!

After 6 and 1/2 months of blogging at least once a day about Twilight-related stuff, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with content. Solomon Trimble, the guy who played Sam (we think) in Twilight but didn’t get rehired b/c he wasn’t studly enough, is gonna be folding sheets in the Martha Stewart section in the Kmart up in Qtown.” Then I wait.