He first joined You Tube on April 25th, 2012 and quickly became known for never wearing shirts with sleeves, hence his You Tube channel name.He was influenced to begin his own You Tube channel by his ex-girlfriend Jenna Mourey.Jenna Marbles is a comedian, a Vlogger, a Youtube celebrity with almost 15 Million subscribers and more than 1.7 billion channel views.

She has a subscribed viewership of over ten million and over a billion total views on her videos to date.

A good majority of her videos are satirical impressions such as celebrity impersonations, tutorials on sociability (sometimes as a joke), general self-mockery, and other comedic representations of real-life living aspects.

Max took part in many of Jenna’s videos while they were together and then started his own Youtube channel.

It is interesting to see that older videos on his channel ( those including Jenna) have many hundreds of thousands of views each, but the more recent ones have fewer than fifty thousands views.

Her mom’s name is Debby and she has a boy friend and all is going well.

As a child, Jenna used to play the clarinet, piano and enjoyed gymnastic activities. I’m not a paparazzi nor a stalker :p, I just got most of Jenna’s personal information from this video: Draw my life – Jenna Marbles Jenna met her first bf in 9th grade and they dated for 4 years ( I don’t know anything else about him, sorry).For those of you who are not familiar with Jenna Marbles, her rise to internet celebrity seemed to happen quickly overnight after a video she uploaded to You Tube in 2010, titled “How to trick people into thinking you're good looking,” went viral.Since then she has racked up over 16 million subscribers on her main channel, making her one of the most well-known You Tube content creators in the business.Jenna’s current boyfriend is Julien and he also appears in many of her more recent videos.Here is one: David, then her boyfriend and boss, put Jenna’s video on his website (partly the reason why the video went viral so fast, the other reason is that Jenna Marbles is awesome and hilarious). However, she didn’t enjoy it much and stopped writing in it after 6 months, the site is no longer live.but Jenna has one of the highest unconventional and immeasurable IQs and quick wit.