All this goes to show that a lot of people trust putting their love lives into Match’s hands.

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There was also a pattern at home towns which made no sense; in one case, the town's name had been changed and they used the former name from an obviously older map.

In other cases, details were blatantly wrong (one said they didn't eat pork for religious reasons, but their stated religion was not one that prohibits any food, let alone pork)--I believe most the profiles were written overseas using Wikipedia, old atlases and other. Not only did I not get a reply, the majority became disabled by the next day; one within the hour.

In terms of Match’s 6-month guarantee, it says if you don’t find someone special within the first 6 months, they’ll give you an additional 6 months free.

If you enjoyed your free trial, then you’ll want to sign up for a full membership, and you have a lot of affordable options.

I know this is a lot of questions but I always do a bit of research before I join anything. Several profiles which I had liked and saved on my favorites list vanished immediately. Every single one had an excuse for why I wasn't a match.

One said that she was now engaged and had "forgotten" about the account, yet she had been active on it until then. During my membership, I started seeing a pattern on accounts coming and going, including the one that interested me, and how they were written.

Match like any other date site has a host of fake profiles, but it is indeed full of real profiles just the same.

Just keep in mind these girls seem to have some higher mind set expectation. This site is FULL of people trying to take your money!!!!

Match’s paid subscriptions offer more bang for you buck than most other dating sites: As you can see, you’ll actually save money by going for one of the longer memberships than just the 3 months.