Andrew Panos, for instance, decided to bring a date on his first trip to New York’s American Folk Art Museum—hours before their dinner reservations.

“We were done with the whole space in 30 minutes,” he wrote.

AUTUMN NIGHTS MENU The diary is open for Christmas bookings, our festive menu will be served in the Art Lovers Cafe as from Friday 1st December.

CHRISTMAS MENU The Art Lovers Cafe includes a private dining area capable of seating up to 40 guests in a variety of layouts, ideal to host a private lunch - whatever the occasion!

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A nauseatingly-cute couples selfie with an au courant art installation is surefire way to cement your relationship status—at least in the eyes of your followers.

Just avoid the criminally uncool (and oft-banned) selfie stick. Go beyond art There are plenty of other great museums in this city.

Lulu Krause once went on a date to New York’s Museum of Modern Art, where she was eager to share her love of Henri Rousseau‘s , which she had written a paper about in college.

After enthusing over the work for a minute or two, she said she asked him what he thought of it.

“I was looking at one of the works when a photographer asked if he could take my picture—with the stranger standing next to me,” she wrote.