I spoke about the idea of reconciling this difference in the Modern Muslim Guide To Dating (Part 2).

Navigating your way through this part can be tricky enough, but adding family into the mix can often become a confusing and frustrating experience.

Muslim parents aren’t really interested in hearing about your casual relationships with your hipster slam poet or your, I heart musicians with dreadlocks phase (literally my entire twenties) because it almost makes a mockery of their more formal, rather lovely, unassuming conventions around relationships.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share some of the lessons I learned along the way: I come from a very liberal Muslim household and, although my siblings and I were born in the UK, we have always respected our roots and the culture that my parents came from.

This coupled with the fact that we had absolutely precedent for dealing with boys, dating, or relationships generally meant that, in these matters, we deferred to the Pakistani way of doing things.

Which brings us to the next phase on our journey: Ok, so now I’ve found someone I rather like, how on earth do I introduce them to my family?

Throughout my adolescence, I watched my peers glide through a variety of ‘meeting the parents’ scenarios with relative ease, all the while knowing that this would never quite work in my world.

But fear not, I do believe that a balance can be struck here; you just need to know how to work with the information available to you.

Love is a serious business for a lot of Asian and Muslim parents so bringing someone home becomes immediately more loaded and significant than it would be in a secular British household.I spoke with Mamma Imposter about this recently and she said that when I brought my husband home for the first time, it was clear to her that he respected me, my religion, and the way my father and she had raised me.And that was the most important thing to my family, that the man I loved wanted to uphold and ultimately, respected our way of life.Every family you meet has different standards of behaviour in the home, whether personally or religiously focused.It is therefore important to realise that there may be certain situations which may not be fully achievable in some Muslim households.It is important then to remember, that by venturing out in to the world and finding yourself a mate, you are essentially flying in the face of centuries of tradition (oh my).