It was common for early settlers to ride many miles out of their way to deliver neighbours' mail that had been collected from informal distribution points.

The first organisation of a postal service in Australia commenced in 1809 with the appointment in Sydney of the first Postmaster of New South Wales.

I wonder if this is just something specific to Canada...

We regret that Sing Post is only able to advise the status of Registered Articles up to the point it arrives Singapore.

Since this email, it seems the tracking info has been updated.

Best regards, XXXXXXPlease be advised that the estimated delivery timing for your registered article to reach United Kingdom will be 4 - 6 working days, excluding weekends, public holidays, subject to Customs Clearance, festive peak season and weather conditions.

I don't think many of us would have been worried if we hadn't been told to "allow approx 24 hours".

Hello Jamie, Sometimes it takes up to 72 hours for Singpost to update the tracking information, depending on the volume of shipments they process at any given time.

Last Friday (9th Aug) I received an email saying my pebble had shipped, and giving me a tracking number for it. Has anyone from Canada already received their pebble, and successfully used their tracking number with Sing Post?

I went to the Sing Post website to track it but I was told: The following Item(s) is/are not found: RA*********SG (my redaction)I've been getting every the same result every day since then. Hi guys im in the same boat i got my tracking number on the 5th of Aug and still i cant see no info about it even till now and its the 15th i have spoke to the sender they have sent the goods out to me they have told me but singpost not updating. I sent an email to order support on Friday, letting them know the tracking number wasn't working and asking how I could track. I've read that it's taking up to two weeks to hear anything, which is very disappointing.

I'm worried that the company who are meant to be delivering my item have no clue about it which either means pebble haven't sent it or I have the wrong tracking number. Like Mike, my tracking number now seems to be recognized by Sing Post, and shows as having been dispatched to Canada on the 13th. Good luck to all of you waiting - hopefully your tracking numbers will show up soon.