The parallel execution coordinator and the parallel execution servers can only service one statement at a time.A parallel execution coordinator cannot coordinate, for example, a parallel query and a parallel DML statement at the same time.When the connection is between processes in different instances, the messages are sent using external high-speed network protocols.

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Each communication channel has at least one, and sometimes up to four memory buffers.

Multiple memory buffers facilitate asynchronous communication among the parallel execution servers.

These parallel execution servers remain with the operation throughout job execution, then become available for other operations.

After the statement has been processed completely, the parallel execution servers return to the pool.

Parallel execution benefits systems with all of the following characteristics: If your system lacks any of these characteristics, parallel execution might not significantly improve performance.

In fact, parallel execution may reduce system performance on overutilized systems or systems with small I/O bandwidth.

Each server in the producer execution process set has a connection to each server in the consumer set.

This means that the number of virtual connections between parallel execution servers increases as the square of the DOP.

A single-instance environment uses at most three buffers for each communication channel.