Even tho you do too much 24 hours out of the day just know there is nobody else I'd rather spend that time with other than you.

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Family insiders say Asla has gone so far as to tell relatives he’s looking for his own apartment, and those close to him fear the relationship is coming to an end.

Sources said that tensions have been high in the LA mansion where the supermodel lives with Asla, and where they regularly take custody of Asla’s two youngest daughters from his first marriage.

He later posted on Instagram (about Jasmine), "Even tho you have this incredible gift of getting on my nerves I am more than happy that I get to wake up every morning and the first thing I see is your pregnant ass wobbling around chasing the dogs because they decided to destroy our living room.

We are building or own family and foundation and we have to work hard to continue our careers and keep a healthy mental.

Ronnie made a Youtube video telling everything that happened during the birth.

In next few months, while Ronnie and Jasmine took care of their baby, Ronnie uploaded a series called "Life With Ameera".

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Parenthood has pushed Tyra Banks’ relationship with her baby-daddy to the brink of collapse.

Page Six has learned that the first few months with newborn son York Banks Asla have been fraught with unexpected difficulties, and the added stress turned her two-year romance with the father, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla, into a chore.

She posted a vlog that's alternately hilarious and heartfelt, in which she gives a tour of her old apartment and documents moving into the house.