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It appears to happen more frequently in early infection.

I'll report below some information about dual infections. The "undetectable can't be reinfected" story may stem form the "Swiss Report." This report suggested that under specific circumstances (HIV plasma viral load suppressed to undetectable levels for greater than six months without concurrent STDs) HIVers would not transmit the virus to HIV-negative partners.

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Is there solid eveidence to base these crucial desisions on.

This is from one who went through hell and came back to life and is 12 years out undectable.But when I chat with other poz men or read their online profiles I can't find any poz men who use condoms with other poz men. If my partner and I bareback(we both show no resistance on tests)are we still risking our health? Frascino Hi Poz Newbie, You can't find any poz men who use condoms with other poz men online? As for top versus bottom, the receptive (bottom) partner is always at greater risk for acquiring an infection. Bob Superinfection (SUPERINFECTION) (DUAL INFECTION) (REINFECTION) Nov 23, 2007 I was recently diagnosed with HIV last week so I am still learning more and more every day.Is a top less likely to obtain resistance or superinfection from a bottom? I know that it is early but I would like to get a head start to prolong my life.This fact alone should be enough to convince HIVers that unsafe sex isn't worth the risk. Dual infection (superinfection, reinfection) is indeed possible and has been well documented scientifically.What we don't know is exactly how frequently this actually occurs. Finally what sort of risk am I at from orally transmitted STI's? We have had contradicting explanations as to what is safe. There are also some physical devices you might try, such as constrictor rings ("cock rings"). Bob Really concerned about reinfection (SUPERINFECTION, DUAL INFECTION, 2008) Aug 16, 2008 Dr. My concern is for the last 2 months I have have unprotected sex with 2 people 1 twice and the other 2 times. That your 2x2 guys both have undetectable plasma HIV viral loads decreases the risk of viral transmission significantly. Bob Positives with Positives- their risk of going bare- any studies?