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There are no sure long-lasting control measures for spiders, however, mostly what pest control operators are dealing with in this situation is a psychological problem rather than an entomological one.

Folks want spiders out of their homes because of fear and/or repulsion.

The assumed risk of spiders in one's home is much greater than the actual risk they pose and home owners probably do more harm to themselves by using large amounts of pesticides inside a home to kill spiders than any harm the spiders could actually do to them.

Unfortunately, the quantities and habits of spiders cause them to reinfest areas soon after treatment so it is difficult to eliminate spiders altogether.

While this is certainly true (since people move from the Midwest each day), it is also true that because I am a male, I could have an illicit and immoral relationship with a Playboy bunny. However the chasm between "POSSIBILITY" and "PROBABILITY" is so wide you couldn't build a bridge between here and there.

A more tenable example is that someone COULD win the California state lottery grand prize by buying one ticket a year.

So if you think the material here is in error, consider the strength of your own sources.

Spiders are one group of arthropods that are very well known by the common person yet are terribly misunderstood; because of the rare occasion of a deleterious venom incident, almost all spiders are lumped into the category of "squish first and ask questions later".

However, the western black widow looks very different as an immature because it starts out life bedecked in tan and white stripes.