These crooks took 0 from my account after I cancelled my membership and completed the section requesting membership payment not be deducted. I bet they have some sort of process that will prevent that.

BE2 - you can go to hell - there is no way I will be recommending your dodgy fraudulent service to anyone.

My bank advised me to cancel my credit card,this I did. A month later, someone from their solicitor sent me an email asking me to pay 151,96 in Euro. I am so regret that I actually got on to this be2 website just out of my curiosity.

Please cancel my subscription with be2 immediately.

I also do not enjoy using the site as it is difficult to follow.

Please confirm this cancellation to your email address My Name is: Email: Country of Residence: Username: Date of purchase: Renewal date: Sum paid £5.00 for 1 month trial.

It is an established dating service company that matches you with other singles based on its analysis of psychological, anthropological and sociological criteria. You can find plenty of be2 complaints, quite some of them even talking about be2 being a scam organised by a worldwide net of fraudsters.

;) Those negative reviews always evolve around two aspects: Fake emails and difficult cancellation process.

Be2 was founded in Germany and expanded to Australia in 2007.

Today, it is one of the most visited online dating agencies with over 35 million members in over 34 countries.

It is not possible for me to contact customer service in Australia as there is no phone number.

My user name is : Red Golf GTI and email is [email protected] am a victim in Hong Kong.

They tried to take £149 off me which my bank stopped, Be2 is now trying to call me a fraud!