Bangla Cafe was created to help bridge the gaps between Bangladeshi people everywhere in the hope of bringing everyone together in a harmonious group.

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Prothom din ghore dhuki bela 2 toi, tai khaoa daoa ki korbo bujhte parchilam na kenona ghor gochanor jhemela chilo abar porer din theke amar office ache, tai ektu tension chilam.

Thik sei somoy Ajay babu elen amar sathe porichay korte, songe Anita debi’o chilen.

It is the BEST cyber place ever for all Bangladeshi people to meet.

is our contribution to this on-going effort to help develop a Positive and Uplifting community that will help Bangladesh step into the 21st century.

You can make new friend easily or share your feelings with them in chat room.

is the largest and the coolest non-profit Bangla Chat room on the web.

Please enter your name in the field below and press Connect! If the login screen does not appear, you probably are behind a firewall or do not have a Java-capable browser.

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Anita debi amar somo-boyosee houai amra dujon dujon ken am dhorei daki, amra dujon dujoner sathe khub hasi thatta kori, Ajay babu o khub moja koren amader sathe. Ami aste aste or booker opor hath rakhlam ar or doodher bhanje angul ghorate laglam.