This 900-page manga-style biography by one of his assistants is officially sanctioned, so don't expect juicy revelations.

Instead, it explores the postwar world that formed his work, and the restless, questioning spirit that led to books like his tragically uncompleted masterpiece, Phoenix.

—Alex Crowley, reviews editor I never finished Hawley's 2012 novel, The Good Father, so I was skeptical when I heard various people in the industry raving about his latest.

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—Rachel Deahl, news director I fell in love with the heroine of Shupe's splendid Gilded Age New York romance.

Lizzie Sloane is a math-minded society lady who wants to speculate on the stock market.

I've been reading Geye since his debut, Safe from the Sea, and he's blowing me away yet again.

—Claire Kirch, senior correspondent/Midwest The American West may be our biggest national mythmaker, but for my money, the dark hollows and craggy mountainsides of old Appalachia are equally fascinating—and much eerier.

Think Patrick Bateman circa 2016 except whip-smart and female.

Maya's inner world is raw and repulsive, but astutely rendered by Sharma.

Across five distinct movements she extracts form and language from that which, previously, seemed to have been unspeakable, featuring brief lyrics of quotidian scenes, a fractured distillation of crime reports, meditations on obscurity, and more.

It's a triumph and a tragedy; she will be dearly missed.

West Virginia native Null's debut collection of short fiction sticks to the Allegheny region, chronicling more than 200 years of history and the comings and goings of humans and wildlife in a wilderness soon to be lost to mining, fracking, and the choke of burning coal.

—John Maher, assistant news editor Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy, is the Disney of Japan, an innovator of titanic influence, whose work manages to be cutesy, brutal, adventurous, and transcendent all at once.

—Everett Jones, reviews editor I am reading this sequel to The Lighthouse Road right now and loving it for so many reasons.