But of course matchmakers often have a hard time finding love themselves, don't they? Also fun fact: the BBC did a TV adaptation of Austen's novel the very same year the film came out (1996) starring Kate Beckinsale.

So if you like the Paltrow version enough, compare and contrast with the Beckinsale version.

It's the story of how love can sometimes be derailed or destroyed by forces we absolutely wouldn't expect.

James Mc Avoy, Keira Knightley, and the young Saoirse Ronan (who earned an Oscar nomination here) are all remarkable and This list has been all fine and good so far but I know what you're thinking: WHERE ARE THE MILENNIAL CRAFT BREWERY ROMANTIC INDIE DRAMAS.

Sometimes what you want and what your environment is able to allow you to have are two very different things. Felicity Jones plays Anna, a British woman who falls in love with American Jacon (Anton Yelchin) while attending college in Los Angeles.

Oftentimes in romances, ridiculous circumstances conspire to keep our star-crossed lovers separated. It's mundane and simple but it's also something that could so easily and probably frequently interrupt burgeoning relationships.

They meetcute at a local carnival and quickly fall for each other but circumstances threaten to crush their romance before it can even begin.

understands first and foremost that while love is easy, relationships (and arguably everything else in the world is hard).is how indie romances should be - small, authentic, affecting.Joey (Lola Kirke) and Rayna (Breeda Wool) are two young women from a nowheresville Pennsylvania town.Updated for November 2017 Romance movies are not that different from horror movies.Both are incredibly hard to pull off, are heavily watched during a cold time of year, and hopefully end with every character covered in blood.So most people respond with Bacchanalian glee, throwing sex and drug parties.