This generation is the most susceptible to traditional marketing and sales tactics.

Boomers tend to want to talk to a real person before they make a purchase—but don’t call during dinner!

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No one wants to be drinking $7 wine in their 60’s, or buying used furniture on Craigslist for the house they just downsized to after their last 25-year-old moved out.

Boomers are more likely going to be okay with splurging on themselves in retirement. Gen X is the smallest generation, born between 19 and often referred to as the bridge between Millennials and Baby Boomers.

The group who still leaves and listens to voicemails.

Baby Boomers were born between 19 and grew up during the American-dream, white-picket-fence era of post WWII.

Cash back can be a bit of a commitment for someone who isn’t trying to spend a ton of money to earn it.

Fortunately, Boomers are used to spending enough at certain places (commitment! A great and obvious example of this is credit cards!A great way to capitalize on the extra cash Baby Boomers are dishing out is to utilize up-sells.In particular, this generation is a fan of entertainment, wine, and buy the most prescription medicine (I’m not kidding! They tend to like knowing the value of a service—how it will make their lives easier—without feeling pushed.As marketers, we know it’s hard to acquire customers.We get their attention with content marketing and nurture them through cycles of emails, hoping that they’ll bite and commit to our product.There is a huge opportunity to grab those extra dollars that Boomers are dishing out!