I moved to a beautiful small town in the country and Michelle’s the only friend I stay in touch with.

I have no friends in this town and Lord knows I’ve tried. Dear ICQH, After getting your letter I spoke to a couple of counselors I know because honestly this doesn’t fall into my ENORMOUS area of knowing everything about everything.

Unless you want pity which I believe is everyone’s God-given right.

Maybe it would be good for you also to think about whether or not you’d like to have a relationship in your own life.

(And I decided it was just fine the way it was thankyouverymuch.) But maybe you’re different. xx Julie Dear Julie, I have a best friend, Michelle.

We’ve been friends since we were 15, when we used to cut school to watch .

I was addicted from day one; I spent my life chasing that buzz. It’s been years and Jen’s still my best friend; we’ve been through so much together. I love her, she’s like my sister but my problem is I’m still in recovery.

She moved back to her mother’s, doesn’t work, and has been on methadone for years. I drink here and there but I’ve stayed off the drugs.Formerly we happily hid away on weekends ordering in food, watching movies, and adoring my dog, Otto.But when Barbara left the cocoon it forced me to examine my own life.My brother and I have always been very close, and obviously my friend is my best friend, but now when I hang out with them I feel like a third wheel…with my two dearest confidants!And they hang out so much together, I don’t see either one nearly as much as I used to.” Or to your brother, “I assume you know that Debby’s father was jailed for killing her boyfriend, but don’t worry, he got off.