To avoid being spammed too much, you should also check the box for Invisible Mode.

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Trusted regular visitors will be promoted to level 50, which allows the use of the topic and kick functions.

Continued good behavior and helpfulness will lead to later promotions to 100, then 400, as new operators are needed.

We are no longer populating the IRC channel mentioned below. This channel on the Undernet IRC Network (chat room) is being used to replace the Sim Active List, which is no longer being supported by ICQ. It requires no registration, and you can use any nickname up to nine characters in length.

Please do not send us hate mail complaining about the fact that no one answers you when you join this channel. All of the software we will recommend will allow you to visit other channels on this network and to utilize administration functions, should you be appointed as an operator on any channel. We will explain how to use three different IRC clients, the Java web-based client, m IRC, and Trillian.

A dialog will appear, containing the fields shown to the right. The nickname must be 9 characters or fewer, starting with a letter. This will be your "name" as it appears to other users.

Fill in Servername with us.if you live in North America, or eu.if you live in Europe, or elsewhere in the world. You should also select an alternate nickname, and enter it in the Alternate field.

Once you are connected to the network, the Channels Folder will appear.

To join our channel, type #Sim Games in the box and click the Join button.

You may feel free to use any IRC client you have installed, however we will assume that you know how to set it up.