I mean, there she was, taking off her top and then she was taking off her bra and I hadn’t realized she’d had tits like that. ” “You heard me.” She was looking at my sex-bot now. Follow me.” And to my surprise, my sex-bot was doing exactly that. They were supposed to be focused in solely on the needs and wants of their owners. I’d never seen Brenda show any interest in girls and yet here she was, trying to seduce my sex-bot, which I suppose didn’t really count as another girl. It was almost as if Brenda was oblivious to my presence. Even my friends who knew my dad had gotten me a sex-bot, even with them, I didn’t actually tell them everything, but somehow, everyone knew. I already knew that because I’d learned it the hard way. His dad’s a vice president of a company and Billy never misses an opportunity to tell us just how important his dad is, especially if in so doing, he can tell the rest of us just how stupid we are. “Let me ask you something,” and everyone would gather round, hanging on his every word because of course if he was taking it out on me, that meant he wasn’t taking it out on them.

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“What the fuck,” she moaned and then she was up off the bed and she was rushing out of the room, still naked.

Her eyes finally looked away from the sex-bot between her legs and when they did, she looked right at me.

This model allowed you to have it run internal diagnostics but unlike later models, you actually had to open her up. It wasn’t obvious how to get to the controls and since I was getting it used, I didn’t have an instruction manual to guide me along but I finally got inside and I pressed the button labeled “System Diag.” If I’d expected anything remarkable to happen, I would have been disappointed. That’s all you have to do.” “It’s not that easy.” “Yes it is. I mean, I was doing all this research on the Internet and I had the feeling that if I kept this up, maybe I could actually apply for a job building sex-bots. Like whoever had had the sex-bot before me, they’d made other changes as well, and I was certain that there were still other changes that I hadn’t even realized what they were but what was certain was that this wasn’t anything like the old sex-bot that came off the assembly line whenever it was that it had been released. I just looked back at him and I said, “She just is.” Billy just smiled. I could sense the response as me and my bot walked in. Let the games begin.” Billy’s sex-bot slid down on my cock and in that first moment, I had my doubts about what I had done. Her pussy seemed to automatically find the right amount of pressure against my cock and then her pussy started to vibrate and damn, that was good.

The sex-bot seemed to go blank and then it started to display information on a built in screen. There were other gotchas and like I said, it was a used sex-bot. All you have to do is ignore him, because next time, I may not be there to bail your butt out of trouble.” I watched Hillary walk away and I kept telling myself that she just didn’t understand. And oh yeah, there was one other thing I was certain of. Despite Hillary’s warnings, I let him get under my skin again. He was teasing me about my sex-bot and I’d had it up to here with his bull shit and suddenly, it just came out. “You’ll excuse me if I don’t take your word for it.” The other kids gathered round the two of us just smiled. The kids took one look at her and I knew what they were thinking. They were right about that only it wasn’t the way they thought. But then I heard Billy groan and I knew I had it won and after that, I just sat back and let myself enjoy the show. And all the while, Billy’s sex-bot was going to town on my cock. Mine didn’t even have voice processors like Billy’s did, but Billy’s sex-bot was moaning like a little sex-starved whore.

Looking the part number up on the web showed that at a minimum, the thing had to be at least 12 years old but more likely than not, it was more like 15 or 16 years old. Considering the abuse most sex-bots take, from what I’d always heard, most of them are pretty banged up after four or five years, and this one seemed to be in pristine condition. Whoever has the best bot wins the other person’s bot.” “You’re crazy.” “It sounds like someone’s scared.” Billy could sense what I sensed too. It was almost an imperceptible shift but it was a shift nonetheless. It was guaranteed to make a guy cum in like nothing flat. A lot of the kids were there just because it was a party. I wondered if she’d come from the factory like that or if that was the way Billy had programmed her. “Oh fuck.” “Oh yeah, baby,” Billy’s sex-bot moaned. I told him it was so he wouldn’t have to tell his dad that he’d lost her in a bet, but really, come on, what was I going to do with two sex-bots, and besides, again as with the others, I’d reprogrammed what the sex-bot was going to say and do when it was alone with Billy.

Not new, of course, but I would have guessed a couple of years max, and no way would I have said 15. A web search for slow start up times revealed nothing but there was a suggestion that insufficient memory might impact system performance. Probably, I thought, but the article I read didn’t really say for certain. ” It was a good question, one for which I had no answer. ” Even I didn’t know why I’d said what I’d said or why it was that I was going to repeat it again. People were starting to wonder if Billy really was scared and that was something Billy could not tolerate. “I think you’re just trying to get inside my bot.” “You can think what you want,” I told him, “but if you ask me, I think you’re scared, and I got to wonder why.” “I’m not scared of you.” “Yeah. We’ll do it.” I could sense the anticipation from the crowd gathered round us. A lot of them were there to see a show, but a good number of them were there because this was the first chance any of them had had to see my bot. You can tell me.” I don’t know if she thought she could actually get it out of me but considering the fact I wasn’t even sure what happened, there was no way I could tell her even if I’d wanted to. “You know lots of guys give their sex-bots names.” I knew that. Okay, I know I wasn’t working on my homework anymore but I couldn’t help it. She was there on my bed, her hands playing with her tits even as she looked at MY sex-bot. “Undress me.” Off came Brenda’s shoes and then the sex-bot was massaging her feet but it was clear her hands weren’t going to stay there for long. Okay, maybe I had realized, but it wasn’t like I’d ever seen them. “Make me—” Brenda’s moans ended in a strangled cry. I should go tell my mom about that.” “I wasn’t trying to name it after you,” I said. “Oh yeah,” Brenda moaned as her hands continued to play with her tits. That’s it.” The sex-bot’s hand was coming back up the inside of Brenda’s thighs and then she was up at Brenda’s panties. “Take them off.” The sex-bot did exactly that and then once more, she was back again, only this time, it wasn’t her hand sliding between Brenda’s legs. Eat me there.” The sex-bot wasn’t going to stop, of course. Eat my pussy.” She was going to cum and I couldn’t wait to see it happen. “Oh my God,” she moaned as her body writhed on the bed.