The blame may get switched around and they convince themselves that they provoked it. It might be hope, it might be just not having the strength to fight and not seeing any other options.

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They may still hear the chopping criticisms on repeat.

They may have hoped that being with a new partner would jolt them to their senses.

It hurts, not just because we don’t want to see them hurt but also because we’ve experienced our own loss but we will lose a great deal more if we don’t rein it in and recognise what’s really going on.

Sure, we could take it that their return to a toxic relationship must mean terrible things about us (it doesn’t) and that we’re not loveable or good enough, but we could just as easily opt to recognise the situation for what it is and see that the person we tried to love may not love themselves very much and is under the influence of a toxic relationship.

Therefore, Russian women who have joined these Russian marriage agencies are actually more reliable.

These agencies often have a huge trustworthy database for you to browse and choose.It may seem as if the abuser is their source of value and salvation, even if in actuality, it’s more akin to them being their tormentor.They may get tired of ignoring calls and feel guilty when they hear their abuser’s pleas to hear them out and how bad they feel.It may simply feel more familiar and comfortable because outside of the toxic involvement, it’s like having to learn a new language and habits in a foreign country and it may feel far too uncomfortable.They may believe that it’s all that they deserve and that they truly are nothing without this person or that they can’t meet our expectations.That information is about them and their situation, Hi, I’m Natalie!