We know for certain that the Dennis Green photo of Cook and Phillips off the track is from the December 29 1974 because it is published in the Motoraction report of that meeting.

So essentially the photo in Post #14 isn't from a Shell Sport race, rather a class battle. I don't recall too many of those in the Shell Sport series.

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But with some press and word of mouth, the app exploded.

He’s had 200,000 sign-ups all over the world, he said, and he hit his numbers a week early.“It blew up all over Latin America and Europe,” he said.

This was the Capri in its early guise, before it was fitted with the aggressive box-flares and painted white with Sleepyhead sponsorship. I believe this is early 1980 (or December 1979), someone here can confirm or deny?

Bill used a bunch of Formula 5000 parts when building the Capri, including the motor which was then reduced to fit the 4.2 litre engine size for his class. I did once phone Bill about the car, to try and find out what happened to it. Chasing Bill is Bryan Blackberry in the neat Frist Escort. This is the Holden Dealer Team Torana A9X raced by Peter Brock in 1979. Anyway, in New Zealand it raced as a Sports Sedan, as did the similar car of Garry Rogers.Booklover Card, Gold Card, and Teacher Discount These are for ABC Booklovers and can be used online as well as in our stores.55 Mondays, CJP/BCA Docentenpas, Cultureel Jongeren Paspoort, European Youth Card, Ooievaarspas, Stadspas, and Students This discount is complimentary and only applicable in store.[QUOTE=Milan Fistonic;58511]I reckon it's this race from the December 29 1974 meeting and the drivers are Leckie, Cook, Phillips, Lee and Hancock. It has a white front spoiler whereas the car behind Leckie in post 14 is black below the bumper line. I reckon it's this race from the December 29 1974 meeting and the drivers are Leckie, Cook, Phillips, Lee and Hancock. The COOKY WANTS A SPONSOR shot in post 23 shows a different car to that in post 14.Depending on the total order amount, we use a combination of the following denominations:€ 5, € 7.50, € 10, € 15, € 20, and € 25. For online orders, we prefer you to use this email order form.