In hopes that these discussions will allow us to look at perceptions of ourselves, others and the community we live in as a whole._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BIG NEWS! Black Girl In Suburbia is now being distributed by Women Make Movies!Kelly Cutler Parent *************** “This film is a must see for all educators in Oregon.

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I am confident Lowery’s work will help spurthe conversations and personal growth necessary to improve our ability to reach and teach all students”“Black Girl in Suburbia is a very compelling documentary that will elicit feelings of happiness, anger and frustration.

The documentary is a courageous look into the lived experiences of many young black women in our schools today.

Later, I saw the other mom at a school event and asked to speak to her.

She was so kind and generous, and wanted it to be a teaching moment for the boys, which it was.

Word is definitely spreading about BGS and my hope is to spread the dialogue across the country and internationally! For more updates follow us on Twitter @Blk Grl NSuburbia AND Facebook PREVIOUS UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE/HIGH SCHOOL/OTHER EDUCATIONAL AND CITY ORGANIZATION SCREENINGS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RECENT PRESS AND INTERVIEWS Portland Oregon’s Local Morning show AM North West Interview with Melissa Lowery Portland Monthly Interview with Melissa Lowery Melissa Lowery on the cover of 1859 Oregon’s Magazine Bitch Magazine Film Review Bitch Media Review of BGS Huffington Post mention NPR State Of Wonder radio interview with Melissa Lowery Street Roots News.

One on One interview w/Melissa Lowery Portland Observer article PORTLAND TRIBUNE article The Oregonian article October 2014 Pacific University Magazine July 2014 issue The Portland Observer article Skanner article WEST LINN TIDINGS Article The Oregonian article The NPR program, The Story, interview that Melissa Lowery did with Dick Gordon! The segment is the last 20-30 minutes of the program. BGS HAS BEEN WELL RECEIVED AND HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED A COMMUNITY CONVERSATION!Please stay up to date and LIKE us on FB and Follow us on Twitter. You do not have to join and be a member to get a member's contact info. Black Girl In Suburbia is an important film that we look forward to sharing with our entire school community and following up with valuable discussion”.“Black Girl in Suburbia was very eye opening for me in so many ways.If you would have asked if racism or being black was an issue while growing up, I would have said, “No, not really.” I grew up in suburbia and raised my daughter in suburbia.As an educator and with a daughter in high school I face these obstacles every day, where young ladies question their place in a suburban high school setting.