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It has been Nissan's most internationally recognized sedan, in multiple body styles, and is known for its dependability and durability.

The Bluebird originated from Nissan's first vehicles, dating to the early 1900s, and its traditional competitor became the Toyota Corona.

The mechanics were equally excited, and when Captain Campbell went to them saying, "It is all due to you fellows," they hugged him, lifted him on to their shoulders and carried him triumphantly around Bluebird singing, laughing, and cheering like schoolboys.

Captain Campbell, with his eyes all bloodshot from exposure to the winds after he had lost his goggles, described to a representative of the Press Association his feelings on the journey. I was only half-way down the mile on my return journey when my goggles were torn off my head.

Oh yes, motor racing is as thrilling as any sport I know of and one does not trouble very much about the risk."Captain Campbell added that everything would depend upon what Mr.

Parry Thomas accomplishes next week as to whether he (Captain Campbell) would make another visit to Pendine.Carmarthen, Friday After several previous unsuccessful efforts Captain Malcolm Campbell to-day created a new worldês speed record with his 450-h.p. He covered the flying mile at 174.224 miles an hour. "I believe I have done it," he called out, as Bluebird came to a standstill. Campbell's Dash The news spread rapidly among the crowd of motorists and the villagers who had gathered on the beach. Campbell was seen racing down the course in a private car. Bluebird, however, gathered speed in an astounding fashion and just when the mechanics had begun to take a lugubrious view of this incident Captain Campbell came racing back, his face flushed with excitement.To-night the whole of the villagers joined in celebrating the event, being the guests of Captain and Mrs. You Tube has a new all-time chart-topper Wiz Khalifas See You Again feat. "There is very little difference between racing at 150 miles and 185 miles an hour.