They found 40 that were used frequently enough to work out their meaning.

The action was repeated when a response was not what the ape expected. Their most distinctive noise is the 'long call', which lasts up to two minutes and is used by a male to advertise his arrival.

Like chimpanzees, orangutans can learn human sign language.

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The rest of the face should indicate more of the intent.

Cheeky tongue-poking is often followed by a smile or laughter.

A deliberate gesture of sticking out the tongue at a person is impolite, although considered rather childish and thus reflects as much on the person doing it.

The gesture thus appears petulant unless it is done in an amusingly cheeky way.

This can also indicate contempt and a form of duper's delight, especially when done briefly.

Pushed in front of the teeth, pushing out the lips, can also indicate uncertainty.

Many of the gestures are humanlike, researcher Dr Erica Cartmill told Animal Cognition journal.

'When they wanted to communicate "come here" one put an arm round another ape,' she said.

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