“Since Mr Molefe’s return to Eskom I have briefed the top officials, the Deployment Committee and National Executive Committee of the ruling party on the matter.The ruling party requested Government, led by President Zuma, to resolve the matter.“I will abide by the court’s decision on the legality of Mr Molefe’s return to Eskom.

Well, I can’t say I enjoy having my integrity questioned.

But, in the end, if our state-owned companies are to perform to their true potential at the vanguard of the developmental and transformative state, we must clear the fog of allegations of impropriety that envelop them – one way or the other.” Giving the select committee feedback on the developments at Eskom, Brown said she was a deployee of the ruling party and was therefore subject to the decisions of the ANC which has urged government to reverse Molefe’s reappointment.

The decision was taken by the inter-ministerial committee, appointed by President Jacob Zuma, on Wednesday following public outcry over Molefe's return to the power utility a few weeks ago.

"Collectively looking at the facts and in the interest of the country and good governance, I thus directed the Eskom Board to rescind the decision to reinstate Molefe as Eskom CEO.

Parliament – Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown has instructed the board of the South Africa's power utility Eskom to rescind a decision to reappoint Brian Molefe as chief executive officer.

Brown made the announcement in Parliament at lunchtime on Wednesday.

Brown appeared before the Select Committee on Communication and Public Enterprises and conceded that she had “poked my nose into a hornet’s nest at Eskom” when five weeks ago she had instructed the Eskom board to reconsider its proposed pension payout of R30m to Molefe.

Last week Brown announced a probe into procurement at Eskom dating back to 2007, stressing that she wanted it to get to the bottom of allegations of corruption involving the utility’s coal contracts.

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Within moments of publication of the announcement by Eskom chairperson Dr Ben Ngubane that Mr Molefe was to return as Eskom’s Group Chief Executive, the issue was thrust to the centre of societal and political contestation.