a Pennsylvania bank has foreclosed on two of Bronson Pinchot's homes after he missed more than 0k in mortgage payments.

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Fisher Stevens asked Pinchot to play Ben Jabituya in the 1986 film Short Circuit, but Pinchot was fired.

and Balki Bartokomous in the long-running ABC sitcom Perfect Strangers.

Fans may remember Pinchot doing a reality TV show called for the DIY Network.

That main home featured on the show, also located in the Harford area, still belongs to Bronson.

After three weeks of dismal ratings and poor reviews, The Trouble with Larry was canceled.

Pinchot would subsequently get rehired by Perfect Strangers producers Tom Miller and Bob Boyett for roles on two more of their sitcoms: Step By Step, where he played French hairdresser Jean-Luc Rieupeyroux in early 1997, and, that fall, on Meego, where he played an alien who crash-landed on Earth and took up residence with an American family.

After Perfect Strangers concluded filming its eight-season run in September 1992 (with the condensed final season airing during the summer of 1993), Pinchot immediately secured the starring role on a new sitcom for CBS, entitled The Trouble with Larry.

The series premiered just three weeks after ABC's Perfect Strangers finale in August 1993, and one episode (which never aired) was directed by Mark Linn-Baker, Pinchot's co-star on Strangers.

The homes were featured on his now-defunct DIY Network show, "The Bronson Pinchot Project." Pinchot owed 6k on one, and more than k on the other.

star has now lost four properties to the bank due to non-payment.

He never responded to the inquiries from the bank, thus the court moving ahead on the Bronson Pinchot foreclosures.