It became a very wild night and I won't go any further because I am married and she was there, too. Q: Yesterday you said that you don't give autographs... Anyway, he wanted me to read the Lord of the Rings to give me an idea of what he was trying to do. I would not persume to know what she was going through. I'm the only one on the show who can understand that. [The next person asked how long the shooting days on B5 were and if he had any time left for his hobbies.] Bruce: The wonderful thing that Mr. Well, it was at a night club at Cocoa Beach where some young ladies were dancing. ] Bruce: I don't know about the other cast members but Joe sat down with me after the 2nd season and asked me if I'd ever read it and I said "Yes, the Hobbit, back when we were... Uh, very trippy man, the Hobbit, little guys..." I sound like Jason Carter. it was one of those lucky things ...there was a nice give-and-take between us and Mira is from Yugoslavia with all that is going on in Bosnia. I just tried to be as sensitive to her as I could because I couldn't really understand not having come where she comes from, what she has experienced in her life. Tracy and I have kind of known each other for many years. It was different from Mira, it was much more a military relationship. She had a tough job coming on the show to fill that space.

He also said in an interview that he was raised without religion. Gladys Etta Mc Murray (Gladys is Zach Braff's matrilineal great-grandmother) 3.

However, in 2009, Levy formally converted to Catholicism.

"He puts the number 7 on all his cars," another source tells .

Years before finding love with Thierry, Melissa was linked to several Hollywood heavyweights, including Tom Cruise, Scott Baio and Rob Lowe, whom she dated on and off for six years before becoming engaged to him.

After splitting with Rob, Melissa married actor Bo Brinkman in 1988.

The couple had one child, Dakota, in 1989, but divorced three years later. They had a son, Michael, together nine months later and split last year.

What do you think about weapons in America and prohibiting them there? Q: Which scenes and episodes are your favorite in Babylon 5? [The next person asked what Kate Jackson is doing now.] Bruce: I don't really know what Kate is doing, I know that she's been doing commercial work in the US. Q: I heard that you are nominated for the Saturn Awards and I hope that you will get it. It's the first year that the Saturn Awards are really recognizing Babylon 5.

In Europe it's impossible to have weapons in the household. When you say good-bye to your children, your mother and father, your brother and sister everyday just be so happy you see them again, because who knows what is gonna happen?

(Levy's full original name is William Levy GutiƩrrez.