All of our 2" flat hook tie down straps have a black powder coating on the hook, which provides not only a layer of protection to your cargo, but also helps keep the integrity of the metal hook, even after repeated use.

maintains a comprehensive network of surf monitoring and data analysis equipment, along with an array of surf cams that constantly monitor wave and weather conditions.

The company’s team of experts gathers together the data obtained by way of this equipment, and extrapolates them into information that can be useful for anyone who is thinking of going surfing in Topanga.

For surfers who have never experienced Topanga before–and even for locals who wish to maximize their surfing experience–the information provided at is essential.

Topanga offers some of the most exciting and most memorable surfing experiences around.

Besides the surfing, paddleboarders and swimmers also enjoy the open beach and inviting water. This is an exposed break that experiences northwest offshore winds.

For the best surfing conditions at this location, west/southwest swells are ideal.

Santa Monica Beach offers beachgoers a variety of amenities, including picnic areas, playgrounds, bike rentals, and concessions.

A human-scale chessboard and public chess tables bring in players from around the region.

Not sure if it is the interruption or flash on i Phone. The Main Beach cam is much more visually interesting.